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CASSIDIAN at Euronaval 2010

Position reinforced by the merger of Sofrelog and Atlas Maritime Security
16:11 GMT, October 25, 2010 Paris | CASSIDIAN, the new name of EADS Defence & Security, is a world leader in maritime security solutions and systems for civil and military markets.

At a time when threats in the maritime sector are becoming more pronounced by the day, States and maritime authorities face new challenges: combating piracy and terrorism, protecting maritime zones and sealines, etc.

In response to the new requirements for protection in maritime safety and security, Cassidian is presenting its systems and solutions at Euronaval, the International Naval Defence and Maritime Security exhibition, which is being held at Paris-Le Bourget from 25 to 29 October 2010.

Furthermore, the merger currently underway between Sofrelog and Atlas Maritime Security positions Cassidian as an integrator able to offer solutions adapted to its customers across the globe.

At its stand, Cassidian is presenting its full range of capacity solutions for naval defence and maritime security: Protection and Security, Naval Communications, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

Protection and Security

Cassidian, the world leader in maritime safety and security, joined forces with Atlas Elektronik in June, when it merged its Sofrelog subsidiary acquired in 2006 with Atlas Maritime Security, a subsidiary of Atlas Elektronik. Approval from the anti-trust commission, expected before the end of this year, will allow the operation to be finalised. This joint venture, which benefits from the rich and long experience of Atlas Maritime Security and Sofrelog in Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), reinforces Cassidian’s maritime security capabilities.

The new company will be able to integrate the very latest cutting-edge technologies in the areas of detection, communication and data processing systems. It will be positioned as a world leader in solutions for maritime traffic control and coastal and port surveillance.

The new company will draw on its extensive expertise in the management of complex systems such as SPATIONAV, a major project in the maritime security & safety domain for which Sofrelog is the prime contractor. This programme allows several French government departments, including the Ministry of Defence (Navy), the Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea (Maritime Affairs) and the Ministry of Finance (Customs), to share data relating to the maritime situation around the French coast and to present the data to their users in real time. This system is based on the SYTAR™ product, recognised by users as one of the most advanced.

This French reference has made it possible to export this technology as part of the security shield system in Qatar (QATAR) and the integrated maritime security system for the port of Tanger Med (TANGER MED). Further examples include numerous coastal surveillance systems for countries like Portugal, Denmark, Estonia, Spain and Kuwait.

At Euronaval, Cassidian is presenting various simulations of maritime safety and security scenarios showing the diversity of its solutions, which are fully interoperable in all maritime areas (port zone, coastal maritime zone, economic exclusion zone and open sea). The scenarios will deal with:

• protection of port installations
• maritime zone security and the fight against drug smuggling, piracy and clandestine immigration,
• protection of critical infrastructure such as oil rigs, and
• maritime pollution surveillance.

Naval Communications

Thanks to its know-how in the design of secure communications networks and information systems for the armed forces, Cassidian was awarded the RIFAN 2 programme in 2008 to supply an IP network for the French Navy at sea. Formally signed in January 2009, RIFAN 2 covers the construction and deployment of a new, higher-performance version of the IP communications network of the French Naval Task Force (surface vessels, submarines, naval aviation) for the French Navy. RIFAN 2 will also include implementation of a Network Management Capacity (CMR) for the supervision and administration of all vessel and aircraft networks from land-based sites. This programme, in partnership with other entities (DCNS and Rohde & Schwarz for RIFAN 2) confirms the position of Cassidian as a naval systems integrator.

In the communications sector, Cassidian is also one of the world leaders in the secure radiocommunications market with, in particular, more than 190 professional mobile radiocommunications (PMR) systems in 67 countries. More than 10 countries use the Cassidian PMR for military communications, including naval communications and especially coastguards.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Alongside its numerous capabilities, Cassidian possesses broad expertise in airborne and satellite imaging systems and in UAVs.

In naval UAV systems, Cassidian is developing a VTOL demonstrator that gives access by stages to the most important system functions for maritime surveillance missions. The purpose of this demonstrator is initially to develop a new-generation image chain including a high-definition optical (visible and infrared) camera associated with a high-speed datalink. Based on an open, evolutionary architecture, the demonstrator will pave the way for a complete system that offers high autonomy and mission flexibility, along with a robust maintenance concept, in response to the various operational conditions encountered by users.

At Euronaval, Cassidian is presenting a mockup of the TALARION UAV, a European programme to develop an advanced MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) UAV system. This vehicle is especially designed to meet the requirements of France, Spain and Germany for a system dedicated to future surveillance and reconnaissance missions and certified for unrestricted access to European airspace. Integrated into network-centric operational environments, this UAV system will fulfil security missions that are beyond the reach of current solutions.

The Talarion concept is based on a long-endurance system with an extended wingspan (29.7 m), capable of operating over the theatres of operation at high altitudes and for prolonged periods. The Talarion UAV system, offering the best performance in its category, will feature a modular design to incorporate a variety of sensors and the latest data links, essential for long-duration ISTAR missions. The twin-engine configuration will not only provide the energy necessary for powerful payloads (sensors and communication) but will also ensure the security of flight conditions in particularly dense air traffic environments.

In the photointerpretation domain, Cassidian offers RECCE Engine, a semi-automatic image-based recognition and identification system for aircraft, land vehicles and ships. This system, which can be used to identify these platforms in both tactical and strategic contexts, is currently in service with several operational intelligence units around the world. RECCE Engine is the subject of a partnership between Cassidian and Jane’s, which gives direct access to Jane’s sources and permits the input of additional information about objects identified.

Cassidian surveillance radars help to protect the homeland, as well as vital installations and port and coastal infrastructures. The TRGS-Sec electronic scanning radar, which has been delivered to Saudi Arabia, offers its operators enhanced performance in terms of detection and utilisation.

Cassidian also possesses advanced expertise in naval radars, including the TRS-3D radar presented on the Cassidian stand. The TRS-3D has been designed for air and surface surveillance, air and surface defence, anti-missile missions, auto-defence, target designation and artillery support. This radar is operational and over 50 systems have been deployed in seven countries. It can be supplied for various types of ship, including frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels, landing ships and guided-missile destroyers.
Another Cassidian exhibit at Euronaval is its range of new-generation IFF (Idenfication Friend or Foe) equipment, particularly the MSSR 2000 I interrogator which integrates the full range of new civil (mode S) and military (mode 5) IFF modes. This interrogator has been installed on the French Navy’s Mistral and Tonnerre amphibious assault, command and force projection ships and has been selected by the naval forces of around 10 countries, including Australia, the UK, Germany, Thailand, Norway, Finland, etc. Cassidian is also presenting its brand-new mini-transponder, the LTR400, as well as the Mode 4 – Mode 5 cryptographic computers in production for the French forces, and the BTI 1000 I IFF test bench.

Cassidian is also presenting the full range of services offered to its customers, where Cassidian takes over the role of government agencies.These services range from armed forces training to outsourcing of systems. Examples include:

• Basic training of French Air Force pilots at the Cognac air force base,
• Training of French Navy flight crews,
• Providing French naval units with anti-aircraft defence training,
• Maritime surveillance of economic exclusion zones,
• Delegated management of aircraft fleets.
Cassidian is continuing to expand in the surveillance domain thanks to its participation in two major projects, BlueMassMed and PERSEUS, which aim to promote sharing of maritime information within the European Union.

The purpose of BlueMassMed is to validate the secure sharing of information derived from maritime surveillance of the Mediterranean area and its Atlantic approaches, to improve coordination of 37 agencies from the 6 countries involved in the project (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Malta).

PERSEUS aims to demonstrate the capacity to combine information collected across Europe by existing maritime surveillance systems using different space-based, airborne, naval or land-based sensors, to obtain a shared representation of the European maritime situation and improve threat detection.

These programmes are fully in line with the role of Cassidian as an integrator and prime contractor for complex projects.
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