mardi 11 mai 2010

Problems for the new terminal at Algeciras Port

Local dockers refused to unload the containers at the new Hanjin dock

Korean multinational Hanjin Shipping has threatened to cancel a 200 million € investment in Algeciras Port, and take its container business across the Strait to the Tangier-Med facility.

The money corresponds to a second phase of the port, known as Isla Verde exterior following the deliberate opening of the first phase this week, with the arrival of the company’s container transporter, Hanjin Casablanca. notwithstanding a lack of agreement with local dockers has resulted in the vessel heading off on Wednesday to Hamburg to unload.

‘If in the city is no solution to the dockers’ problem in 24 hours, a 35 year commitment could be lost’, so warned the CEO of the complete Terminal International Algeciras, Fernando González.

A spokesman from Hanjin Shipping expressed their ‘surprise and frustration’ at the events. They claim the dockers knew the working conditions at the new terminal as long as two years ago.

PSOE mayoress of Algeciras, Tomás Herrera, has also expressed his concern at the possible economic impact for the municipality if the conflict with the multinational company continues.
More meetings are expected to take place to try and find a solution today.

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