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Positive figures from the Moroccan port, in continuous growth: while the second stage of Tangier Med transshipment port's construction is under work, volumes increased by 55% compared to 2009.
19/11/2010 11:51

After a very difficult 2009 for shipping operators, business seems to resume in 2010, as suggest the latest figures from the port of Tangier, Morocco: its activity in the third quarter reached 1,443 million TEUs, with an increase by 55% compared to 2009. 

It was enough to revive interest in the second stage of Tanger Med project. After private operators had finally decided not to contribute financially to the construction of two new terminals due to the crisis, the construction had still started in June 2009, with the State replacing private investors. 

As reported by, in mid-November 2010, the European Investment Bank has granted a long-term loan of 200 million euros to Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA), which is in charge of the project. Another 220 million euros loan has been granted for the creation of a new 172 KM highway linking Casablanca with the south-eastern region of Tadla-Azilal. 

In 2014, the transshipment port will therefore increase its capacity to 8 million containers, from the current 3 million. Two new terminals will be created. The first concession had already been allocated to Marsa Maroc. For the latter, discussions are still ongoing. The port officials are optimistic about the negotiation's outcomes, without disclosing the names of the persons concerned. 

Nevertheless, until Tangier Med 2 is not operational, the port is in full business: the port's roll-on roll-off activity has experienced an increase by 147% in quarter three compared to the same period last year (25,298 units processed). But this is mainly due to the transfer of all activities so far managed by the city port of Tangier, that is being completely converted to tourism. 

The site of Tangier Med was a deserted beach less than ten years ago. With all these developments, it is hard to figure out how the region will be in the coming years.

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